The Dublin Files

malahide castle

Since a couple of weeks i started working in Dublin, Ireland ; so i’ll have to tell you a bit more about the country, the people and the places to visit.

I already discovered that you should make sure to put enough coins in the parking meters here , because time can fly and the van with the wheel clamps might be waiting just around the corner. It happened to me; did cost me 80 euros to get my car back.

now anyway , i went to discover some of the Wicklow county, because i planned to rent a house there; nice surroundings , some mountains, country estates and lots of green … this must be Ireland.

i stayed a week in barry’s b&b in Meath county; its more a rural surrounding, some nice castles and ruins in Trim and a good place to get lost in the dark late at night if you can not find your guesthouse , lol.

today i moved to a house in Dublin that i share with a couple of co-workers, went to discover the surroundings; a lidl, tesco and other shops just around the corner and a busstop almost in front of the house … so that looks nice …

Until now the weather has been often rainy, but i guess thats what you get in Ireland.

Cheers …

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