Be careful if you rent a car at Thrifty !


When i booked my flight with Ryanair from Manchester to Dublin i did see an offer to rent a car at Thrifty for a special promotion price; a nice offer i thought, so i booked a car online for a month for around 150 £ …

when i arrived at Dublin airport i had to take a shuttle bus to the Hertz office where i was supposed to pick my car up. The man at the desk asked me if i wanted full insurance, i said no , just the standard , … , so he said ; then i have to block 1500 € on your creditcard … something i did not agree with … after some discussion i agreed to pay full insurance for 7 days and see what my options where.

he gave me a key of a Ford K and showed me a small screen (smaller than an ipad) where he pointed out some minor damage and asked me to sign off for the car, he told me the number op parking lane where i could find the car and off i went … not very pleased with a rubbish service …

since i was a bit upset with the way things where going with this car rental company i did not check the car inside or outside and drove towards my hotel where i parked the car and went to my room … only the next day when i went back to the parking area to get my car to discover some of the area outside of Dublin i found out that the car had several damages i did not pick up earlier … first i thought someone had hit the car on the parking area while i was sleeping , but inside the car i found also the passenger seat full of stains … they had given me a car that had been damaged and had not been cleaned !!!

i went back to the rental company at the end of the week to pay the rest of the insurance for the month since i found out that a refund for the rent was not possible; the insurance is 11 £ per day , so suddenly the cheap rental car became a very expensive rental car.

i asked if i could change to another model, they told me yes , that is possible , but for 7 euro per day extra. No thank you !!!

so in fact this rental company is a rip off if you are not willing to get 1500 euros blocked on your creditcard for a month (or longer)

lets see what if i have any more news when i bring the car back in 14 days …


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