Flight delays

British Airways agents assist passengers at the British Airways

After experiencing a flight delay (airplane takes off – can not land on the final destination – lands on other airport in other city – passengers can not leave the airplane or the airport for 12 hours – flight back to airport of departure – passengers put in hotels until the next day – next morning other flight – landed at destination – total delay 28 hours)

I have been looking in to what i could find about flight delay compensation online.

interesting article in the guardian


companies specialised in flight delay compensation





I’m still trying to find out if this flight delay compensation only counts for a flight leaving from an European airport or also for the ongoing flight bought with the same transaction at a European airline and on the same ticket.

All reactions are welcome …

I will be studying and reporting about this in detail …

2 Reacties op “Flight delays

  1. Hi there!
    Could you provide a bit more details about your flight(s)? I’d be happy to advise you on this matter!
    Kind regards,
    Lotte van ’t Klooster

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