Flying LAN

On my trip from Cusco to Lima i will be flying LAN … the tickets might be a bit more expensive than other airlines like Peruvian Airlines, but since Lan and KLM are both partners in Skyteam i prefer this airline.

Since i am travelling with a mountain of luggage, 5 suitcases, one handluggage and one computer bag i’m a bit nervous about this trip, because i never tried LAN before with that quantity of stuff.

I will be keeping you informed about the service , the prices, ways of payment and possible problems on the way. Keep following !!!


I got to Cusco airport around 9 am and there where already a lot of people at the checkin , should have come earlier …

Now anyway , the security guard did see that i had a lot of luggage and helped me with putting my luggage already next to the counter , while i waited until it was my turn .. the staff was very friendly and looked a bit confused because i pointed out that i had a connecting flight the same day with KLM.

First they told me that i would have to pay for 3 of my 5 bags , but after i told them i write about the travel industry they decided that i only had to pay 2 bags ; 2 times 70 $ = 140 $. I payed at another desk and got to my gate , where the plane left on time … in lima i collected my luggage quickly and put it in storage … ready for the next trip … with KLM to Amsterdam and then on to Leeds UK.

Read further at Flying KLM .


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