Flying KLM

klm lima

Like many times before i will be flying klm , only this time i will be doing this with a mountain of luggage ; 5 suitcases , one hand luggage and a computer bag … lets see how that works out … all extra luggage has been booked up front with klm … not on the website because the was a computer bug that blocked booking extra luggage … so we had to do the transaction by telephone ..

Good to know is that passengers with enough airmiles can use airmiles to pay for extra luggage or a better seat !!! Check it out !!!

2013-09-20 00.10.17

The check-in of the luggage and myself went really well , there where long lines of waiting passengers who did not check-in online , and just around 20 people in the online-chick-in cue , so that went nice and easy.

just before the flight i got informed that there was a mix up with the seats , my preferred seat that i reserved with 7500 airmiles was also booked by someone else , so they moved me to the seat next to the emergency exit , i didn’t bother too much because i slept most of the flight …

in Schiphol we had landed at the far and of the airport so the plane took 20 minutes to reach the gate ; due to that i had to run to the other gate to be just on time to get my flight to leeds bradford in the UK.

My luggage wasn’t that fast so it had to be delivered by courier the next day , a good service , no doubt about that…

Just have to contact them through facebook to recuperate my airmiles for the change of seat.

The airmiles have been returned … good job KLM !!!

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