Preparing to leave Peru.

Panorama-of-Machu-Picchu-Wayna-Picchu (1)

After 7 years in Peru , i’m preparing now to travel back to the United Kingdom. Lots of stuff has to be packed and some stuff has to be sold here before or after i leave. If all goes well i should be back in the United Kingdom next monday 23th of september 2013.

Just found out at the immigrations office in Cusco that they claim that i didn’t re enter the country after my last trip to Europe in March April 2013 , but i’ve been here in Peru since my last flight back , i have the border stamp in my passport , so it seems to be that there has been a computer error.

Hope it all gets sorted out or i might have some problems to leave the country.

When i came at the migration desk in lima airport it turned out that also in their computer it didn’t show up that i entered the country in april ; so i would have to go back to immigrations office in lima to sort it out and mis my flight of pay a fine of 150 $ for being illegal in Peru since may , a complicated story but the only solution would be to pay – another proof that you have to be very careful with your paperwork in Peru or you get F****d.

I was glad to leave the country this time , next time might be worse …

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